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Thursday, 27 March 2008


(posted on Neula ja lankaa 12 October 2007 )

I have been yarn shopping. First I went to buy some Novita Wool for baby booties and got it in different colours just to make sure I have yarn if there is need to knit some other thing for babies. Yesterday I went there again since I was in town anyway and of course I wouldn't have bought any yarn but Neliraita (four stipes) Wool was on sale so I couldn't resist buying some more. :D Peach&pink stripy yarn is missing from the photo but all the other colours that I bought are here:

On last week I did some quick shopping for a card which I was going to make for my colleagues wedding. I got it ready just in time. Our camera is broken and I took to be repaired but since I only got it there yesterday there might be some delay on posting photos here. Luckily my other colleague has betted camera on her phone (my phone takes very blurry pics...) and I could take a photo of the card before giving it to the happy couple. Onnea is Finnish and means Congratulations.

I found a photo of a births sampler and a bunny I made for my friends baby last spring. The bunny is really cute and I bought a couple of them in different colour. The green one is also already stitched but I forgot to take a photo before giving it to a lovely little baby girl.

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