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Sunday, 27 April 2008

WIP Storykeeper SK - 27th of April

I have stitched this every now and then in the past week. Mainly after work if I had time. Here is a new pic. You can see her face starting to appear. I did some stitches with Kreinik #4 but it was pure torture so I frogged the stitches. Stitches become too bulky with the Kreinik thread so I ordered some petite treasure braid and will try that.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

WIP Storykeeper SK - 20th of April

I started another Heaven and Earth design on 18th of April. It's Selina Fenech's Storykeeper storykeep (a bookmark). I am stitching it on 25ct Lugana fabric, colour Blush, 1 over 1 with DMC and Kreinik threads. The size of the design is 51x258 stitches which is about 5,2x26,5cm on the fabric.

Here is a pic on 20th of April 2008, 1003 stitches done.

I hope it looks something like this when finished:

A new book club

I joined a new Finnish bookclub called Unelmakerho (Dreamclub). It's a bookclub for people who create things with their hands. I got the starting pack this week and it included two books, a notebook and a crafting kit. The other book is about creating storage spaces and the other one is about patchwork. I flipped through the books and I think there are few good ideas in them. I am not sure whether I will make the bag jewellery out of the crafting kits items or use them for something else.

Monday, 14 April 2008

WIP Heart of the World - 14th of April

I took part in HAED's Stitch-A-Long and started the Heart of the World. At first I felt like how in the world I will manage to do such a small stitches but after a while it started going better. The size of the work is 450x276 stitches and about 43x26cm so one stitch is quite small. :) I am stitching this on DMC's 28ct white evenweave, 1 over 1 with DMC threads. It's nice to see some shape to appear. I started from the top left corner so I am stitching the foliage of the tree.
I started stitching this on 12th of April 2008.

This is where I was on 14th of April 2008:

I aim to this:

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Threads arrived

Yesterday I got a parcel from UK and it contained the threads for my HAEDs. Yesh! 103 skeins in total. So big part of the evening went putting them in order. Last week I received the DMC Gold Concept stuff so I had them ready and waiting. Here are the threads first in order by numbers and then filed.

WIP Breakfast TeaTowel

I am stitching DMC's Breakfast Tea Towel at the moment. I started this ages ago but I had stitched the jam jar wrong (propably while watching tv) so it became an UFO waiting to be plugged out and start over. I started this again while waiting for the threads for my HAEDs and I'll stitch this every now and then so the updates won't be coming regularly. :)

9th of April 2008

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Oops! I did it again! :D

I was writing my HAED wish list and after watching the chart Oak Fairy by Meredith Dillman for a while I just had to buy it! I couldn't resist. Now I have promised myself that I won't buy another one before I have at least finished one of my HAEDs (the storykeep not included).

So here it is, isn't it just great? I don't know what it is about brown but it seems to be my favourite colour at the moment. Combining it with another beautifull colour makes it just perfect.

BTW I heard there is a parcel waiting for me at home and I bet it's the threads for Heart of the World and Storykeep. Can't wait getting home but I still have to be at work for two hours. Sigh!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Bag factory on the roll!

I got so in to crocheting that I have already made two bags. I got some jeans blue Novita Tennessee -40% off so I made a blue bag too. :) I haven't got handles for the blue bag so I crocheted the handle. I still have to dampen the bags, shape them and sew linings. I'll post some pictures when the bags are ready. My cousin came to visit on the weekend and said she would love to have one in white so there's some crocheting still to be done. :)

I am waiting for the DMC Threads for the HAEDs to arrive this week. I received one parcel from UK on friday. I had ordered DMC Gold Concept Ring Binders, File inserts and Stitchbows so I have them ready for the threads when they arrive.