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Thursday, 11 August 2011

My blog's summer holiday

Like the header says I think my blog has been having a loooong summer holiday! :) I have done some stitching but I haven't got around to posting something here. But now that will change as the autumn is coming and when it rains I won't be out and about so much.

I took part in Yahoo groups Mailart exchange. Theme was monochrome, one colour. I stitched the mailart for Marja and used red thread. I stitched with one thread over one. I put some red things inside the mailart.

The front of the mailart:

The back:

I received this lovely rasberry coloured mailart from Paulie. I love it. :)

I also took part in a Bling bling exchange. :) Pirjo is not a big fan of bling bling so I wanted to stitch something practical and stylish. I stitched P as Pirjo on a sparkling fabric with sparkling thread and covered a USB drive with it. On the USB drive I saved a bunch of freebie charts that I have gathered.

I got some beautiful Bling bling from Outi! Se had made this cute box and inside was a tiniest and prettiest little broach. Thank you Outi! :)

Our cross stitch friend Kirsi has had some serious back problems and we wanted to cheer her up. We stitched owls and  Ressu sewed them as a blanket. I stitched this little creature with googly eyes. :) It's a freebie but I can't remember where I got the chart from.

 I just finished my summer vacation and I've been back at work since Monday. It has been a little bit hard to get up in the morning but I guess next week it will be easier. :) I wasn't at home much on my vacation. Mostly I was in Oulu and that brings us to one reason why I have had less time here and with my stitching: I met a man about three months ago. :) He lives about 260km away so I have traveled there and back and he has been here at my home too. All my friends who live in Oulu (he lives there too) have been saying that I should find a man there and move to Oulu. :D Well now I've met the man! You never know what the future brings and where you live some day. ;)