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Sunday, 17 November 2013

At the Crafts fair in two citys

I have lost my crafting mojo almost completely. Well, I have knitted a couple of hats this Autumn but still I feel that I just won't get anything done. That is why I decided to go and see if I could find my mojo from the crafts fairs.

On 22nd of October I went to Oulu Crafts Fair. It was really close that I didn't... After work I jumped in to my car and started the journey. For the first time I had the feeling that the car might not take me there... and it didn't. I drove about an hour and the car started to make a weird noise. I took it to a garage in Iisalmi and they said that I should not drive it at all, water pump and some bits and pieces were broken. I had to leave the car there. :( So I sat in my car thinking what next. It was 6.00 pm on Friday and nothing could be done. So of course I called my mum to the rescue! :) She came to pick me up and I spent the night at her place. She lent me her car and early in the Saturday morning I was on the road again. I had the best time in Oulu. Saw my dear cousin and her family, spent time on the crafts fair and met my friends. 

On Sunday I took my mum's car back to her and then my friend came with her husband to pick me and my (Ford) Puma up. I left the car to my friend's husband to be repaired. After all that I was done with that piece of crap (pardon my French...). On 24th of October I picked up my brand new car, Seat Ibiza, and said goodbye to my Puma. My new car is great! I can go on a trip and not be nervous if I get to the destination. And I have driven a lot already. Early in November me and three of my friends jumped on the Ibiza and drove to Helsinki to see Five Finger Death Pucnh and Avenged Sevenfold. And yesterday I drove to Tampere with my new friend Eeva to the biggest crafts fair in Finland. It was a looong day. I takes four hours to drive there, then we spent six hours at the fair and drove back four hours. Totally worth it! :)

Here are pics of my loot from the fairs. :)

From Oulu:

I love that old wooden yarn winder (is that right word in English or what do you call them?).

From Tampere:

I am going to make my own advent calender. I am just wondering how I can surprise myself since I fill it myself. Maybe if others did it... a pile of 2€ coins would fit in nicely in the boxes. :D Well, maybe I will go and buy some really delicious candies. :)