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Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Celebration 2012: Freebies again! :)

Autumn Celebration continues with more freebies for you to stitch. :) These patterns are from Brooke's Books. Click the pics to open and save pdf-files.


You can find more Brooke's Books' freebies here.

It's starting to feel like Autumn. Leaves are falling, a lot of colours in trees, crisp Autumn air in the mornings.

Have great and sunshiny Autumn days!

Monday, 17 September 2012

And the Winner is...


Congratulations, Taffy! :)
She won my Halloween chart giveaway.
Taffy will soon get an email  from Creative Poppy about the chart she chose: Wicked Plant.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Kai-Meis

There is a challenge in a Finnish blog Sukkasato (sock harvest). People who take part in it are in three sub blogs and knit all the things you use in your feet; socks, leg warmers, slippers etc. and post pictures. I am in the sub blog Heinälato (Hay barn). After one week all the partisipants had knitted 116 pairs. I only got something ready on this second week since I've been knitting for the wrong end of the body (all those hats you've seen :)). The harvest runs through September and October so I hope I get more done before the end.

I knitted these socks from Sock Innovation book, written by Cookie A. The pattern is called Kai-Mei. The yarn Mokkasukka is hand dyed in the shop called Villamokka, sadly it's closed. Colour of the yarn is called Trabant. I think I used about 50g from the 100g skein. I knitted the cuff about a half shorter than in the pattern since I like shorter cuff.

There is still time to sign in to my giveaway! It ends at Midnight so hurry up! :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Autumn Celebration 2012: Freebies!

I continue the Autumn Celebration with freebies. Not one, not two but loads! :)

These are some examples of the many many freebies by Sullivans Floss. Click the pictures to download and save the files. (You will need a program to extract these since they are .rar-files). To convert the colours to other brands you can use these conversion charts from CyberStitchers or Sullivans here.


See more great seasonal freebies from Sullivans Floss here. Once on the site click the "Project central. Download FREE" box and you'll see all the freebies available.

I hope you have seen the giveaway a couple posts down. It ends tomorrow at midnight!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Autumn exchange from Kaisa

I got this amazing exchange from Kaisa. Exchange theme was changing seasons and this was the fourth and the last part. I love that box, the colours and the pattern. In the box was some pumpkin cat fabric, very pretty Autumn-ribbon, small autumn embellishments and a candle which suits spot on to my decor at home. It's like Kaisa has seen my home! :)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Knitting some hats... again :)

 I have been thinking that I want to knit a hat for my self. I have been thinking that every autumn for like at least three years. So I finally did it! Didn't take that long, or what? :D It took me two evenings to knit.

This pattern called Hedda is from Vilma (her blog and patterns here).
I used Novita Wool, yarn doubled. 4mm and 4,5mm needles. This is a chunky version of the Fitted Hedda. I wanted to have really warm hat for the winter since we get -30C (and sometimes below that) here.
And yes, that's me in the pic... looking really tired! :D

My cousin saw the hats that I knitted for charity and asked if I could knit hats for her son. So I did. I sent these two yesterday, I hope they are the right size.

Boxie Hat (my own creation, no pattern available) 
This is the same colour that my hat, the picture is just a bit too light.

Pixie Hat

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Autumn celebration GIVEAWAY!

I love Halloween and pumpkins and all the things in autumn theme. I want to celebrate The Autumn in my blog and I will start with a giveaway! "Yay" I hear you say! :)

I fell in love in with these two charts by Barbara Ana Designs and puchased the "Wicked (since...)"-pattern from the Creative Poppy for myself. I will also purchase one chart for you if you win! You can choose which one you want. The patterns are:

Wicked (since...)

 A Wicked Plant (All Hallows Eve)

Click the pics to see details at Creative Poppy website.

Just leave a comment and also tell me in the comment which one you'd want if you won.
The last day for you to enter is by midnight (of course ;) ) on Sunday the 16th of September.
Be quick, the date will creep up on you so so fast... :)

Bushes quiver
where shadows lean,
and not a sliver
of moon is seen.

Near the river
some goblins (green)
with a witch in front
and a ghost in between

Make me sh..i..vvvver,
but I am keen
about the shivers
of Halloween.

-Aileen Fisher-

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Birthday exchange and some more hats

I am taking part in the Birthday Exchange in a Yahoo mailart group and I got this beautiful, amazing mailart from Marja! I love it!

I have also been knitting. More hats for tiny tiny babies. I and some of my kolleagues at work have been knitting hats to our local hospital. They will give these to all those cute little new born babies.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Changing seasons exchange to Maija

I took part in the Changing Seasons exchange. I stitched for Maija.

Last part was Autumn so I stitched some pumpkins and finished them as a notebook cover.
The patterin is called Pumpkin Patch Bookmark and it's from The Cross Stitcher magazine, issue October 2008. 

I was really in rush to get the summer part in mail and didn't have time to take photos. And then it went missing in mail. :( Maija never got it and I had no time to stitch a new one. Luckily we had some angel stitchers and they sent Maija her summer exchange. I made her another bag, a project bag, with Gorjuss pattern "On top of the world" stitched on it. I am so sad it never got to Maija. :(

For Spring I stitched this Atalie biscornu. I forgot to take photos so these pics are from Maija's blog.

 (Photos from Maija's blog)

For Winter I stitcher her a part of one Gorjuss pattern (without the polarbear) and finished it as a bag.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hats for little people

I have been knitting this week. I made these two hats, one is going to my co-worker's new baby girl and another for charity.
Pink hat is Aviatrix (pattern in Ravelry) and the beige is a pixie hat (different patterns are available online, this one is from my head). Yarn is Finnish yarn, Novita Wool neliraita.