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Sunday, 21 October 2012

More weapons against the cold

My knitting needles have been busy again and yet another warm knit is ready for the winter.
Another One nighter, this time the yarn was Katia Odisea, 8mm needles, seed stitch in round, 45 stitches.

Let the cold weather come, it has nothing on me now! :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Warming things for winter

This Autumn I have been really into knitting. And as a result I have two hats and two scarfs just for myself! :) I won't be cold this winter and I now have the kind of warmers I really like.

In the first pics is my One Night scarf. I used 8mm needles, 51 stitches, seed stitch in round, yarn: Novita Karuselli (oh my it's acrylic(!) but really soft and doesn't itch :) ). Really easy and fast to knit. As it says in the name it took me one night to knit.

In these following pics one sneezy knitter shows Lina (free pattern in Ravelry or in joko knits blog), Hedda (Vilma Vuori's pattern in Ravelry 5€)  and a scarf that I made up. I used some familiar knitting styles to a scarf that I really like. It has a loop in the end to pull the scarf through.

 Wishing you warm and sunny Autumn days!