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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Boots reborn as ankle boots

As the Autumn aproaches I went through my boots and other fall shoes. I came across these black boots. I haven't had a heart to throw them away even though shafts are really ragged. I already put them in the trash pile when I started to think what if...

I took a closer look at the boots and saw there is a seam on a perfect hight to make them ankle boots! So let the upcycling begin.

Boots before

Shafts looking really bad

First I cut the shafts off being very careful not to cut the lining. I cut the zipper and the lining shorter.

The I trimmed the lining and zipper about 1cm above the seam. I secured the lining and zipper with pins...

... and started sewing by hand. I broke one needle since I started with too thin needle. :)

This is how the boots look after I was done. I really like them. They have a couple of wears left in them now. :)

Happy Autum!