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Friday, 15 October 2010

Crafts fair finds and my birthday last month

Last weekend I drove all the way up to Oulu and Muhos (about  260km north-west from my home) to meet my dear friends and to go to a crafts fair in Oulu. I was so happy to see my friends Ritva, Marja and Lennu! :) Ritva had stitched me a surprise needlebook with sheep on it! I love it, thank you Ritva! I stitched her a pumpkin from The Drawn Threads chart Pumpkin Keeper and finished it as a fridge magnet. And as usual I forgot to take a photo of it. :D

In the picture below is my new stash that I invested my money in. See, I did not spend I invested. ;) Charts, threads, ribbons and purple hand dyed linen fabric are from Violarium. I had to buy the Moutons de saisons sheep charts autumn and winter since I got the spring and summer ones for my birthday. They will make a beautiful four season series.

I also bought some jewelry parts, knitting yarns, fabrics, a sad fox that wanted to move to my home, wooden bits and pieces for crafts, felting wool etc etc. I am quite happy with my new stash. :)

My birthday was in 9th of September. I haven't been blogging lately so these pics come here so very late. :) I took part in Finnish birthday exchange and I received these gorgeous gift last month.

Heidi stiched me a lovely sheep card. She didn't know that I actually love bag pipes too. :) She also sent me two pieces of stitching fabric, threads, beads and wooden heart. Thank you Heidi for this lovely gift!

Kirsi had wrapped her gift in the fabric and fluffy ribbon that are on the left in the pic. I love this sheep tote that she made me! There was also some sheep charts by Tralala and Atalie thread for it. Thank you Kirsi!