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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ghost town alive again

My blog has been like a ghost town. Nothing but silence. But I am ok and still here. :) One thing is slowing me down. I have pain in my shoulder and I can't do much before it starts hurting so that is why my I haven't done much. Today they will take an ultra sound and x-ray of it and I hope it doesn't lead to surgery.

I have done some stitching but they are for exchanges that are still a secret so no pics yet. I have also tried to crochet but I have started one easy scarf two times and have to do it third time too. Didn't read the instructions well... :D I hope the third time is the charm.

I have taken part to Finnish exchange with four seasons theme. Here are two pics of the lovely things I have received from my mystery partner, winter and spring themes here.

Thanks to my mystery partner. :) There are still summer and autumn left so after those I will show pictures of what I have made.
Happy and sunny Spring to all!