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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Our honeymoon vacation

On the 18th of May 09 we stepped on an airplane that was heading to Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. For a while we didn't have a clue how we would get from the airport to Disneyland and since my french is really really rusty and my husband's non-existing we didn't understand the man in the information booth... We did finally find the right bus which took us to the Disneyland's own bus and we were on our way. On the first evening we had time for a dinner, a short walk around the Disney Village and one cider. :)

On the next day we went to the Walt Disney Studios. There was a couple of thrilling rides, a lot of fun! We also met Dale and he let us take a photo of him with us. :) We also saw an umbrella store called The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and I just had to pose in front of it.

On Wednesday we took a day trip to Paris. The bus left at 10 a.m. and came back after 7 p.m. It was a long but amazing day. The bus drove around all the biggest attractions and we stopped to take pictures of the Eiffel tower before we went to the Louvre. We had only two hours time to visit the Louvre so we didn't see a lot. But we did see Mona Lisa (didn't make a big impression I must confess...), Venus de Milo (she's beautiful), other great sculptures and paintings and some Egyption antiquities. From the Louvre we went to the Eiffel tower and the lift took us to the second floor. It's 115 metres high and I have a fear of hights so the Eiffel tower was the buggest thrill of the whole vacation for me! :D Too bad we didn't have time to go to the top floor since we had to catch our boat. We went on a boat trip along the river Seine. Wow! That was really great and we loved it. We were tired and happy when we returned to our hotel.

Holding on to the rail... and for my dear life! :D

On the boat. Happy passengers. :)

On Thursday we went to the Disneyland Park. We had already been there on Tuesday but we only saw a small part then before the park closed. Everything there was really beautiful and the buildings were well made. It was like we were inside of a story book. :)

I just have to accept that my husband is not the chosen king. :)

Just some luggage...not much right?

We met Winnie the Pooh at our hotel.

On our last night we had dinner at this marvelous castle.
I think these photos tell you that we had a great vacation. :)

And some cross stitching to finish this post. This one is for an exchange so I'll only show a little sneak-a-peak. :)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Beautiful mailart!

It feels like I had an early Christmas this year since the mailman has brought me so many nice things. :) Click the pictures to see them bigger.

First one is a wonderful stitched mailart from Lilian! She knows I love sheep so she stitched me a sheep envelope. I love it! :) She has made two sheep with french knots. And that means a LOT of french knots! Wow! She also sent a keychain that I can stitch on and two skeins of Bärengarne thread. I haven't seen that brand before, I don't think they sell it here in Finland so I have some unique threads now. :) Thank you so much Lilian! I'm afraid you have to wait for yours for a while... but it's coming.

This next one I bought. It's a new kind of fabric (at least to me) from Zweigart called Floba. It's 25ct, 70% rayon, 30% linen. The colours is close to oatmeal and the fabric is really pretty. I haven't tried it yet but I have heard it's a dream to stitch on so I'm looking forward on using it soon. Others in the picture are pieces of linen fabric that I got as a gift for buying the Floba. Great deal! :) I put another pic of the Floba to show the colour better.

There's something else I bought... two original paintings by Sara Butcher! They are called "Dream" and "Joy" sepia. I really like Sara's work. Some of her work is charted by HAED. I actually have a few. :) I have to find good frames for these.

Then last but not least, my friend went to China on a holiday and brought me some souveniers. Actually a lot of them! She brought me Anchor threads and a couple of Fairy threads. Another new brand for me. :) That wasn't all, there was also a pouch made of silk, two cross stitch kits, fabric roses, beads and small bells. Thank you Päivi! :) I really love the text on the other kit, it's so true. :D

Oh... I'll tell you about our honeymoon vacation later this weekend. With pictures. :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wonderful blog friend-award

It's always nice to hear that people like my blog. :)

I got this lovely award from Kirsi for my Freebie list blog. Thank you Kirsi! I am so happy if people find great charts via my freebie list. I am a bit busy at the moment so I'll come back to this one later to deside to whom I'll give it to. And I will also tell you about My New Best Friend later. I bought a new sewing machine and I thought if I called it my best friend it will like me and won't start being annoying and impossible like my old one. :D I haven't tried it out yet but that will happen soon since I have to shorten a couple of pants before next week.

Next week we are going to our honeymoon! We'll go to Paris and Disneyland! I can't wait. :) So no stitching, knitting or blogging will happen next week, just a whole lot of other type of fun things like the Louvre, Eiffel-tower, all the fun things at the Disneyland park and Mickey Mouse-ears! I will post some pictures when we come back.

Friday, 8 May 2009

My second biscornu

I had a blog giveaway a while ago at my finnish blog and I made a biscornu for the prize. Gloriosa has received it so here are some photos. :)

I ordered the chart from the Creative Poppy. It's from Marie-Anne Réthoret-Mélin and it's called "My petit jardin". I changed it a bit, the original had brown lines, I stitched them with Petite Braid 10. It's like a hint of sparkly snow between the flowers. Too bad it doesn't show so well on the photos. The light pink is also different since I didn't have the thread that was in the chart. It's pretty close though. There's a text "Spring in the garden" stitched around the edge of the back side. The text was also brown on the chart but I decided to use the colours of the flowers. I happened to have the perfect little bead and flower for this. I think there is some biscornu fever going around since this is my second in a short time and third one is on the way. :) I also sent a sign with the biscornu. When I saw it I had to buy it for this prize since the text it so nice: "Cherish Yesterday, Live Today, Dream Tomorrow". I forgot to take a photo of it but you can see it at Gloriosa's blog.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Edgar's blogoversary giveaway

Edgar has his second Blogoversary and has a giveaway at his blog. Go and check it out. The prize is going to be a surprise and I bet it's something gorgeous!