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Sunday, 25 January 2015

New hats and an old shawl

I needed more hats so I made some. :) I finished the first one on 18th of January, I started it last November but for some reason it became a UFO for a while. I wanted a hat that is loose so it doesn't flatten my hair. The pattern is from my head. Here comes: "Pearl"

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Karisma, colour 52, 100g (yarn doubled)
Needles: 6mm

I was in need a very basic black hat. One that doesn't have Toyota or Playstation written on. ;) I stumbled upon a "Snowtracks Cap"-pattern and made my version of it. I made the smallest size and also shortened the pattern since I have a small head and I wanted it to "fit like a glove". Link to the pattern in the name below.

Yarn: Schachenmayer Extra Merino, colour 99 black, 100g (yarn doubled)
Needles: 3,5mm and 4,5mm

In May 2012 I finished crocheting this shawl. I've had it at the office to fight against the air conditioning so I forgot to take a pic. Pattern is from Garnstudion website.

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Delight, colour 05, 200g
Hook: 3,5mm

And one more pic of my new start. I am knitting a baby sweater for my dear niece. The pattern is Sunnyside (pattern here).  I got this much done last night. Most of the time went to find the perfect pattern for the sweater. :)

Stay warm, winter is here! :)


Friday, 16 January 2015

Beauty and the Beast socks

I'm in a Facebook group called Addicted to Sock Knitting. Last year there arised an idea of a sock yarn club but you took all the yarn from your own stash. 12 yarns, one for each month. The Knit-from-stash Sock Club was born and Heatherly Walker was so kind that she will offer 14 patterns for the year 2015. We get the pattern of the month on the last day of previous month via Ravelry.

First pattern is called "The Hornet" (will be on sale in Ravelry in February). I call my socks "Beauty and the Beast" socks since I watched a lot of that romantic police TV-serie while knitting these. :) And the other one is the beauty since it's perfect, the other one has a funky one-row blue stripe on the ankle therefore that one is the beast. Still gorgeous though, like Jay Ryan as the Beast. ;)

Yarn: Schachenmayer/Regia's Stripemania Color, colour:Leaves 6363
These took about 135g of yarn.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Peek-a-boo, guess hoo?

My needles still have the speed. And this time a crochet hook also got part of the action as I finished the "Peak-a-boo, guess hoo?" soft toy on Tuesday.

Materials, as seen before, 50g of Hjertegarn Lima (colour 710) and about 20g of sorted Novita 7 Veljestä yarns. Pattern again the honeycomb and rest from my head. :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

... and mitts to match

Wow, I'm on a roll! :D I wanted mitts to match the Honeycomb Hood that I finished on Saturday. So yesterday I made these. :) I got the idea from the hood and then figured it out as I knitted. Maybe I'll write the pattern if I remember how I made these. ;)

So here comes Honeycomb Mitts by Srinity:

(someone is in need for a manicure...)

Yarn: Hjertegarn Lima, colour 710 (you can see the real colour here better than in the hood pic)
Took about 45-50g of yarn


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Honeycomb Hood finally finished!

A project that has been marinated for a few years (started on November 2009) is finally finished! Yay! I am a speedy knitter, right? ;)

Pattern: Honeycomb Hood (from Patternfish)
Yarn: Hjertegarn Lima, colour 710
Took 230g of yarn

I made the front edging my way. I wanted a bigger hood part and nicer edge so I picked 40 stitches from the center (1st every other row), knit one row (right side), purl the second. On the first purl round and every row after it I picked one stitch from the side of the scarf and knit/purled it and then turned and continued. I did 14 rounds of plain stitch and 5 rounds of garter stitch to prevent the edge from rolling. Then I bind the stitches off very loosely.