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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Shopping books

(posted on Neula ja lankaa 13 January 2008)

Sales have started at the internet bookstores and so I ordered some more books to my ever so full bookshelf. A positive surprise was when I found Stitch 'n Bitch books The Knitter's handbook and Crochet The Happy Hooker with very low price tags on them. I have been looking for the Finish version of knitter's handbook since it was sold out (the Finish version has yarns that are easier to find in Finland).

The third book I bought was Dorte Lyager's Knit - and relax. A small book about stress and the fact we all knitters know: doing something creative with your hands releaves stress. :) Patterns in the book are nice and easy so you don't get stressed with them. ;) I would have liked some colour pictures but all in all this is a nice book. In addition to these books I bought some novels and a cookbook too.

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