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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Stashing for the winter!

I guess it's autumn since I got this weird urge to get some new stash! I'm like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. Only difference is that I don't hide nuts, I am nuts! :D No, I meant I hide knitting yarns, cross stitch charts and other nice things. A Finnish yarn maker Novita released a new yarn called Puro (creek). It's 100% wool and looks a bit like Noro yarns. I bought some and the colours is called kanervikko(heather field). I also bought one ball of a yarn called Marjaretki (trip to pick berries) and the colour is called lingonberry. I saw Regia's hand-dye Effect sockyarn in some blogs and couldn't resist the temtation, they are so beautiful!
As if those were not enough our local fabric shop is moving and is selling all their stock with discount prices so I bought some... of course! They also had a basket full of fabric pieces and for the price of 1,50€ you can fill a little plastic bag as full as you can and I think I almost made a new record since I got quite a lot in the little bag. :) Those pieces are great for finishing and also for sewing small bags.

On it's way at the moment is Little House Needleworks' lovely chart "Pumpkins 4 sale" and the threads for it. After that no more new stash! I just don't have room anymore! :D
Maybe all this is done by my subconciouss telling me to stash now when I can since we just heard at work that there will be some cutbacks after September. There will be temporary or final lay-offs. It wasn't a big surprise so I'm not totally shocked. I just hope I still have my job after all that hassle.

Friday, 14 August 2009

My stitching table

Sue is having a fun challenge at her blog. She is challenging us all to show our tables that are near the place we sit and stitch or knit or etc. Here's my table and other things around my throne. :) Click the pics to see better what I have around me. This was a BIG mess earlier this week but luckily my friend came to visit and I had to tidy it a bit. ;)

Take part in the challenge and mention my name if you found it here first. I'd love to have more entries to win the book or yarn. :)

Stitching RRs

I have been stitching my parts on two RRs. Outi's theme is flowers so I stitched her these two. The chain of flowers is a part of a De fil en aiguille magazine's sampler called "Abc du Levant" and the flower pot is from Rico Design leaflet number 93, autumn issue.

Mia's RR theme is yellow and I found these two also from the De fil en aiguille magazine. The basket is from the sampler "Tendres pensées" and the butterfly from "Herbier des poètes". I changed the colours to yellow so they'll match the theme.

My summer vacation is ending and I'm going back to work on Monday. :( Luckily I have three vacation weeks left for the winter. :)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Still on my summer vacation

I have been on my summer vacation for three weeks now and I haven't been blogging much. One week left before I have to go to work again. I have been knitting and cross stitching. A couple of secret projects and a cap for my husband. I think the thought of the autumn has it's affect since I've taken my knitting needles out again. The cap is the "Skull Cap" from the book Son of a Stitch 'n Bitch. I used the same yarn as in the book, Dalegarn's Baby Ull (100% wool). I am not entirely satisfied with the decreasing in the end but my husband likes the cap so I try not to be bothered about it. :) The man in the pictures is my dear husband.

Closer look on the details.

Our renovation has been ready for a long while and here are finally some pictures. Here my father is putting up the wallpapers in our hallway.

This is how the bedroom looked like after the old wallpaper was removed.

This is how the hallway looks now. We still have to hang the painting (painted by my husband's twin brother).

And this is how the bedroom looked right after we got it done. We still need to put the curtain rod and the curtains on. I ordered new curtains and I hope they arrive soon. I also bought some of the same fabric and I'll sew some pillows from it to put on the bed.

I am quite pleased with the end result. :)