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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Ran out of thread!

(posted on Neula ja lankaa 14 March 2008)

The unfortunate thing happened. Wedding Sampler I is a few stitsches short to be finished on and I ran out of black thread. I am planning on going to a local store near my working place that sells Anchor threads and try to find some. Eventhough they don't have a large selection of colours I would think that they have black. Another option is that since I need threads for my new project from Heaven and Earth Designs, the Heart of the World I am going to place on internet order and might get the black thread with it. Heart of the World is going to be a BIG project but look at the colours! They are so deep and delicious. :)

I also got a wonderfull knitting pattern for a bear overalls for a baby so some knitting yarns are also on my shoppig list. And I already ordered some yarn from Novita-club's internet store and I bet those are waiting for me today when I get home. I should take some photos of the yarns as soon as I fetch them from the post office. It's like getting a present eventhough I have paid them myself. :D

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