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Sunday, 31 August 2008


I've had my first 1000 visitors here and that means it's time for a giveaway. It is going to be a surprise giveaway so I won't put a picture here to show what's coming. :) So leave a comment to this post and you'll be in. I will draw the winner on 9th of September (since it's my 30th birthday! :)).

Oh btw, do you like the new look? I spent the whole sunday putting this together and I think it looks more like me than the ready-made style. I'll give you the details about the elements later.

Blue bag for my sister

My sister had her birthday a while ago and I made this blue crocheted bag for her. I actually had the crochet part done months ago but I just sewed the lining earlier this week before we went to visit my sister. I am glad that she liked it and she acually asked did I really make it myself. :)

Here is a picture. You can see the mobilephone pocket that is sewed to the lining.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lazy vacation

Usually when I am on my summer vacation I get lots of things done. This time it has been totally opposite. I don't feel like x-stitching at all, maybe because I stitched the Fairy the whole summer, overdose I guess. :) Well I have dampened and shaped two crocheted bags, still missing linings though. I am going to sew at least one of the two ready today and maybe I will get around shortening two pairs of pants too since I bought them ages ago and they are still too long... weird that they haven't miraculously gotten shorter in my closet...

One thing that has taken time from stitching, knitting and crocheting is my new laptop. I have been moving my files from my husband's computer to mine and tried to create sensible directories. And I have been searching for free digital scrapbooking materials since I am going to redo my blogs appearance. Now the problem is that I have so much material that I can't decide which ones I'll use. :D

Maybe I'll post some pictures of the bag today after I finally get it done. :)

I just realised that there has been almost 1000 visitors at my blog! That means I am launching a giveaway soon. I'll tell you more about it later this week.

Monday, 18 August 2008

New charts...again! :D

I tried to resist the sale on Heaven and Earth Designs but gave up on the last day of the sale. :) It ends today so hurry up! I bought these two charts (pictures are links to the HAED sites):

Fairy Tea Party by Nancy Faulkner
Those two little faeries having tea is just the cutest picture! It brings back memories of the tea parties we had as a child. Can you remember the little cups and teapots?

Snow and Feathers by Amanda Robbins

The Snow and Feathers is stunning and strong. I was afraid there would be a lot of sparkly bit in this one but there is actually none. It's going to look great.

Who is reading my blog?

I found this from Chiloe's and Daffycat's blogs and it would be great to see who comes here to see my pictures and read my posts. :) Be kind and leave me a comment. I love to read all the comments you leave.

1. As a comment on this post, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember! And if we've never met in real life, leave me a comment of your favorite post I wrote and why it was your favorite.

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually really funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Bookmarks and a print by Annie Rodrigue

Annie Rodrigue is one of the artists that has her art charted by Heaven and Earth Designs. I went to her Etsy site and found these lovely things. I have both "The Perfect Poison" and "Little Red Riding Hood" as a charts also. I love Annies style! :) And btw the delivery was really quick.

Lovely knitting yarns!

I was in town with my friend today and since we both love to knit (and yarns) we went to yarn stores... of course. They had some yarns on sale so we both went ahead and bought a lot. :) It was so nice to be there with another yarn crazy. :D Here are what I bought:

Yarn: Soon (I think these are by Grønhøj Garn, there is no manufacturers name on the band)
55% cotton, 45% acrylic
and Cotton Sport by Idena, 65% cotton, 35% acrylic
These will possibly be used for multicoloured, crocheted bags. Lovely colours don't you think. :)

Yarn: Bamboo by Katia
60% bamboo, 40% cotton
These are so soft and the colours might tell you that these are for baby stuff. Maybe for a blanket.

If I could just find some time to knit... :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Came with the post

I have received some very nice post this week. Yesterday I received the Stitchopoly game. It is just what I expected! But two of the tokens are broken so I had to contact the seller. I hope I get new ones to replace them. Tokens are fun: a bobbin with thread, skein of thread, fabric in hoop, scissors, ball of yarn and a thread cutter. My husband is a sweetheart since he promised to play with me. :)

Today I finally received the Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine that has this Nora Corbett's design Halloween Fairy in it. I am planning on ordering some nice fabric and the threads it for asap.

Ihana magazine came also today. It's a lovely (the name Ihana means lovely :)) Finnish magazine about crafting, scrabbooking, felting and so on.

And when to top of all those I got the Ikea gatalogue today I have loads to read and plan and dream about. I just went through them quickly since I haven't had a lot of time today. We went to eat out and see the new Batman movie. It was good but looooong. If your going to see it prepare to your bum falling asleep about half way through... :D

Giveaway at Lila's blog

Lila Tueller is giving away an absolutely lovely bag! Go and join her Giveaway!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Two Hearts ready and framed

I got the wedding gift stitched. I changed the design a bit. I left some of the writings and the pink beads of and used Petite Braid for the sparkly bits. I framed it just a moment ago and this is how it turned out. I hope they like it! The chart is "Two hearts, one love" from Barbara Ana Designs.

Little Suzy's Zoo Wallies

I bought some Wallies with Little Suzy's Zoo theme. Two packs of small ones you can stick to walls, wood, glass and so on and a bigger one for a wall. These are really cute. :)

Monday, 4 August 2008

Plan B

Here is my Plan B for the wedding gift. I started to stitch this yesterday. It's a chart called "Two hearts, one love" from Barbara Ana Designs. The bride is almost stitched. I'll continue stitching the Fae after the wedding and give it to the happy couple.

WIP QS White Rose Fae - 3rd of August

I had to give up on getting this ready for the 8th of August since there is too much left. But here is the picture of the Fae from yesterday.