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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cross stitching weekend with lovely like-minded people :)

I spent the last weekend with the greatest people. I was at Ikaalinen with 20+ other stitching friends having a great stitching weekend arranged by Violarium. I knew some of them before and others I had met here in the blogging world.

I am happy with the stitching that I got done eventhough I felt like most of the time I was laughing so hard I couldn't stitch at all. :D I took some of my Crazy january Challenge projects with me and I got two stitched, one finished and one has a lot more stitches in it.

My fourth Crazy stitching was Brooke's Books' freebie Stitchie Witchie and I got all the stitching done.

My third Crazy stitching was Pelin Tezer's freebie "Zeugma - A Bookmark for Mom" and I got all the stitching done and finished this as a bookmark with lace.

Tralala's "Moutons de saisons" series, the spring, got a few more stitches in it. I had stitched only a small part of the border berfore so I am happy with how much I stitched. 

On Saturday morning I heard that my friend Ritva, who was also there at the stitcher's weekend, had her birthday on Saturday! I wanted to make something for her and I stitched this minibiscornu for her using linen fabric and Atalie's thread called Cedre. The chart is a part from Jardin Privét's chart Mini Quakers. It took me a couple of hours to stitch and finish and I gave it to Ritva on Saturday afternoon. Luckily she was sitting on the other end of the table so she couldn't see what I was stitching. :) 

We received surprise envelopes from Violarium. The envelopes were waiting us on our beds and of course I had to open it right a way. :) These lovely things were inside:

We also had the Violarium shop open during the weekend. The shop was open all the time that Lennu from Violarium was awake so we could buy lovely things when ever we felt like it. And we did feel like it quite a lot. :D I bought two Nimuë charts, more Atalie's threads, linen band, laced zippers and ribbons. Thank you Lennu for keeping the shop open until the late hours of the day. :)

Here is my place at the table. My projects and my snacks. :) And other picture is taken from the end of our table. There was also another long table full of stitchers and one smaller too.