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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Good news and Happy Midsummer fest

Once again comes a time that things happen very quickly in my life. This time I have positive news. :) On next Tuesday I will go and sign a new employment contract so from 5th of July I am no longer unemployed! I found a job! It all started yesterday when I found out about the job. Today I had the job interview in the morning (it was 1,5h long and the best job interview I have ever been in) and just before 4 p.m. I got a call that they wanted me to come and work for them. Eventhough I thought earlier about changing to a whole different line of business after this job opportunity I am happy to stay in information technology. My new titel is "information systems specialist", sounds fancy doesn't it. ;) This job is so much better for me than my old one and I trust my new bosses and the company. I started to be a bit nervous about how long I will be unemployed and also worried about the financial side of it. I am so relieved now! Tomorrow we celebrate the Midsummer here in Finland and now I also have another reason to celebrate. :)

I have been stitching but all are so hush hush that no pictures yet. That too will change in July. I have also done some gardening and as it's out there for all to see I will show you some pics too. :) My dad made me a decorative ladder from old hay poles. I found two perfect planters to put on and also some wild-like flowers to plant. On the upper ladder there are two angel geraniums, on the lower ladder there are two red verbenas. On the top ladder I put a birdhouse I bought earlier. There's also a birdhouse among the violets. :)

Happy Midsummer fest to all!