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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Knitting and crafts fair

This autumn I found knitting again. When the weather started to cool I found myself admiring lovely knitting patterns, soft yarns and new knitting needles. :) I ordered some yarn, printed some patterns and started knitting. This far I have knitted socks and leg warmers. At the moment I am knitting mittens. It has been fun. :)

 The pattern for these socks can be found here: Drops Socks with cables.

I saw many leg warmer patterns online but couldn't find the one I really liked so I made up my own pattern. I really like these chocolate brown leg warmers.

I went to Oulu this weekend. I spent time with my dear friends and cousins and also went to a crafts fair. Here you can see all the lovely bits and pieces that I bought. :)