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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Whales Ahoy!

My two friends both have little girls and their birthdays are very close to each other so on Thursday they had one party to celebrate them both. I wanted to make the gifts myself and wanted to make something bright and cute for them as they turned two and three. I found pretty fabrics and decided to sew these cute baby whales. You can find the pattern here, there are no instructions though. This was a fun little sewing project. :)

 Whales on a shore (actually it'sjust our backyard :))

My husband took this so you can see the size better.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Biscornu exchange

I took part in spring-summer biscornu exchange in Finnish exchange blog. My hands made it hard to finish in time and it was on its way two days late but finally arrived to Pike. I stitched a biscornu that has spring coloured flowers on other side and summer greens and browns on the other side. The chart is from Kissy Cross, you can find it here. The summer sides threads are from our local fabric store and it only says "R" on the band. The spring side is stitched with DMC's Color variations number 4060 and Atalie's "Aster". I happened to have just the right coloured flower button and bead in my stash.

I received this lovely summery biscornu from Minna. Funny thing is that it is also stitched by Kissy Cross' chart. :) Isn't it the cutest! The fabric has some glitter but it doesn't show in the photos. This chart has a fun fence that goes around from one piece to another. Thank you Minna!

My hands have gotten much better during the sick leave. My doctor decided that we wont try again and risk ruining my hands complitely and she wrote me a slip that says I am not fit for the job. I took it to my employer and he was a bit bummed out since he had hoped I would work for them for a long time. So from Tuesday on I will be unemployed again. Finding the bright side: now I have time to dig in my garden as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer. And I am sure I will find a job that fits me sooner rather than later.