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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Stitched the sheep

This morning I finished stitching "The Sheep jumped over the moon". It was fun to stitch and I think it looks quite cute. :) I stitched this on black 25ct Lugana, 2 over 2 with DMC threads. It needs finishing and I haven't desided how. Any suggestions?

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The sheep jumped over the moon and blog candies

I started stitching one of the sheep charts I got from Shellie. This one is called The sheep jumped over the moon and it's from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. There is also other animals in this series and I might stitch them too later. :) This is how much I got stitched last night when watching Grey's Anatomy and Big Brother Finland. The light at our bedroom is not very bright so it was a bit hard to stitch on black fabric.

And now I'll go and stitch some more of the sheep and you go and see Joanne's blog candy giveaway. :) And if you like stamps there's a blog candy at the Bootiful Stampz too! And there is more! (I sound like a TV shop! LOL) Emma has some sweet candy at her blog Crafty Emma - Cardmaking Mad and I have one more link since Blue Daisy has some sweets too. :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

More yarns found their home :)

When I came home from my friends place today (she dyed my hair so that is another thing that is hand dyed :D) the postman was just dropping our post to the mailbox and I saw a blue package going in... The Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarns I preordered at the crafts fair from Secret Wool arrived! This was a BIG surprise since when I ordered them Katja said they might not arrive to the shop until January. I was so excited and opened it right away. The yarn is soooo wonderfull (going all bananas here! LOL). The picture doesn't show the real colour, the yarn is deeper rasberry shade than in the pic. So now I have 400 grams of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarn and since I love this yarn I can't deside what to knit from it. :)

Oh and I am feeling much better today and I'm going to work tomorrow. The antibiotics did the trick. Thank you all for the lovely comments and get well wishes. *hugs*

Sock yarns finally at home!

I bought some sock yarns from Villamokka in the beginning of October, or my brother's fiance actually went and bought them since the shop is near where they live. My sister and her husband went to visit them last weekend and took the yarn with them. The weather was horrible last weekend so they drove straight home and didn't bring the yarns to me (which I understand because of the weather). They went to pick up their son from our mum and left the yarn to her. Today mum had a business trip near my home and she brought the yarns. So the yarns have travelled all over until arriving home. :) These are 100% wool from Zitron and are hand dyed at the Villamokka. Brownish grey is called Trabant and the greens are called Twice.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Feeling poorly

I've had a slight fever since last thursday and it has made me really tired. I haven't had strenght to do almost anything. Most of the time I have been reading blogs, watching tv and napping. This morning I went to see a doctor and the verdict is sinusitis. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Today I managed to stitch some of one secret project between naps. :)

My blogging friend Mustikka wanted to give away some of her excess stash and had a draw. I won DMC:s Fairy Tales booklet. So many lovely fairy charts! I saw Mustikka at the crafts fair and she was looking at a very lovely piece of Christmassy fabric (I did't buy it since I had already spent so much money before that LOL) and she sent a piece of that fabric too. Thank you so much Mustikka! It was a really nice surprise. Her blog is in Finnish but go and see the pictures, you can also see the fabric at the top left corner of the picture of the stash she bought at the fair.

I am wondering whether I'd feel up to picking up the crochet hook to make a couple of pieces for the fuzzy lamb. It only needs one leg and the body. I also need to buy eyes for it as soon as I find where they are sold at.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Contest at Lila Tueller Designs

There is a fun contest at Lila's blog. She's morphed celebrity faces together and you're job is to figure out who the celebs are. Go and have fun! :) maybe you'll win a great prize!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

So many lovely things

I've had such a great week. Postman has been busy bringing me lovely things and on Wednesday I heard that someone had caught the flu (sad for her) and I got her place in the bus to got to the biggest crafts fair in Europe in Tampere. My friend also got a place so early in the Friday morning we started the jouney to Tampere. It took 4,5 hours in the bus until we arrived there and then we walked more than five hours watching all the stands and shopping yarns, cross stitch suplies and the great things people had made. I had a blast! :)

First I show you what arrived from Japan. My friend Michiko knows I like Kokeshi dolls and she sent me five dolls! She is so great! Thank you Michiko! There was also some Japanese Misuya needles and they are the best needles I've ever had. They glide through the fabric really smoothly and the eye is made so well that it doesn't break the thread. The dolls are really beautiful and I put them where everyone can see them in our living room.

Other thing that arrived in the post was the Warm Winter Welcome chart that I won at Julie's blog. Thank you Julie! It arrived really quickly.

And here are the things I bought at the fair:

I bought two balls of Twilleys of Stamford's Freedom Spirit from the Käsityötalo Priima's stand and three balls of Drops Alpaca from Tinttamarelli's stand. I am going to knit myself mittens from Alpaca and Freedom Spirits are going to a secret project. And I also found two 100g spools of the Manos del Uruguay yarn (6610) that I fell in love with about two months ago and now I got some! The yarn is really soft and I just keep looking at them over and over again. :) These treasures I found from Secret Wool's stand. I don't know yet what I'll knit from these, maybe a scarf or a hat for myself.

I also bought some things for this years Christmas cards. Some papers, stamps and inks.

And of course I bought some cross stitching suplies. Margaret Sherry's Father Christmas is from Käsityökori's stand and Tournicoton's Père Noël Charmant from Violarium's stand. I also found DMC's pink Baby Bunny. I have been looking for one of these, it seems they are discontinued and I have found all the other colours except this one, until now.

These little troll girls are hand made by Kerttu Kankaanpää. I just had to buy these since they look like me in the morning on bad hair days. :D

Being at the fair was fun and I also got to see two of my stitching blogger friends: Mustikka and Lennu. It's so nice to see the people behind the blogs. I hope we'll meet again.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Giveaway at Chiloe's blog

Chiloe is having a giveaway to celebrate her 600. post. Go to her blog to leave a comment and mention the giveaway at your blog and you'll be entered.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Sheep from Shellie and parts of a lamb

Shellie asked if I'd like to have some sheep charts and of course I said yes. :) Today an envelope arrived packed full with lovely sheep designs. Thank you so much Shellie! Here is a picture of some of the charts. There was some other farm animals too and I bet I'll stitch many of them too. Thank you also for the Quick-stitch designs, there's many charts I can use for cards.

I started to crochet the Fuzzy Lamb. I use a thicker yarn than in the pattern so I also use bigger crochet hooks. The yarn that I use is Novita's "Foxi" and it's not the easiest yarn to crochet since it's hard to see where the next stitch should go but it's so fluffy and sheepish that I just have to use it. :) The yarn for the face and hooves is also from Novita and it's called "7 Veljestä" ("7 brothers", name comes from a classic Finnish book by Aleksis Kivi). I have the front legs and part of the face done.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Fuzzy Lamb

Like you might already know, I love sheep and lambs and etc. :) I bought a Fuzzy Lamb amigurumi crochet pattern yesterday on Etsy from PlanetJune. Aren't these cute! I hope I have some time before Christmas to finish at least one of these.

Warm Winter Wishes is coming my way

Julie had a draw in her blog for a chart Warm Winter Wishes and I won! Yippee! You can see Julie's finished piece here. Thank you Julie for having the draw and picking my name from the hat! I have never won anything from a blog draw before.