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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Added Freebie Links List

I have found many great freebie sites and blogs and don't always remember where I saw something nice since I have stored the info all over. So I decided to write them all down and you can see them too! Just click the link Srinity's Freebie List which you can also find from the side bar. I'll add more when I come across new ones.

Monday, 27 October 2008

A gift and a card for my friend Michiko

My dear stitching friend Michiko has a birthday later this week. Happy Birthday Michiko!
I sent her a present and stitched a card to go with it. The chart is a freebie from Ancsanapló-blog, I stitched a part of this chart. Go and have a look, there is many great freebie charts.

I wanted to give her something Finnish so I gave her a small Aalto-bowl. Aalto-bowl is very famous design in Finland.

Here is also picture of the card.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

WIP QS White Rose Fae - 26th of October

I totally lost my mojo to stitch the Fae after I had been stitching her all summer. Now I got it back and here is how she looks like today. She still on the Q-snaps and you can see the floor stand clamp in the photo. I didn't even remember to post about the floor stand when it arrived. It's really been helpful and my shoulders are not so stiff as I don't have to hold the frame. I bought the Posilock Floor Stand and the Helping Hand for use with the rotating frame. I hope I'll finish this one soon. :)

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Ever growing stash

I read from Chiloe's blog about a Belgium online store that is closing. Yesterday I received the stash I ordered from them. The shop is Le Soleil et La Lune and they still have a lot of stash on sale. I finally got some charts with sheep so I am happy. :) I got the "Wool Needlebook and Scissor Fob" from Little House Needlework and "CrabApple Hill Cottage" from Elizabeth's Needlework Designs. I also got some lovely multicolour threads from Anchor and hand dyed floss from Crescent Colours and a piece of red Wichelt-Permin linen for Christmas ornaments. Look at those cute sheep! :)

Oh I almost forgot. HAED released some new charts by Adele Sessler. I fell in love with the chart called Healers Touch and as there is a sale I bought it. :) It's so gorgeous. There is a lot of black around the picture so I ordered some black evenweave so I don't have to stitch all that black. Click the picture to see it larger on HAED's site.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Yarnful October

I had to start buying materials for Christmas presents so I had to drop off from the Yarnless October group. I bought three balls of Novita's 7 Veljestä yarn, three spools of Villamokka's hand dyed yarn (one Trabant and two Twices, pictures are links to Villamokka blog) and two balls of Step sock yarn. So I'll start knitting the presents and no pictures of them are coming here before Christmas. :) Some of the yarns are still on their way since my brother's fiancee went to buy them as they live near the Villamokka shop. She'll bring them to me next time they are coming to visit us.


Friday, 17 October 2008

I won a spot prize!

There was a Mermaid bingo at the HAED BB. I came quite close, I had ten when Clare called the Bingo (needed 12). I didn't win the bingo but I did win a spot prize, a QS, SK or TT chart of my choice. I chose QS Venus Dryad from Annie Rodrigue. I love the green and brown colours and her expression. What a great addition to my collection. I am still planning on stitching all the charts I have. :) Thank you Fudgey for arranging the bingo!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

HAED's birthday and some shopping

Heaven and Earth Designs is celebrating their birthday. Congratulations! They have -25% sale today. And I bought a couple... My HAEDs are starting to be more and more a collection, but it's nice to collect beautiful things. ;)

Here are my new additions
Selina Fenech's Splash ja Sara Butcher's Luna QS (pictures are links). Oh so pretty! :)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Baby Booties

My sister's friend had a baby girl recently and I desided to knit her little booties. They are knitted from Novita Wool yarn, colour is pale lilac.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Bag Fob for a friend

I stitched a birthday present for my friend Päivi. It's a bag fob and I stitched it on linen, 2 over 2 with DMC threads 223, 902, 3052 and 3721 . It's size is about 5,5cmx5,5cm. Chart is a freebie from My Aunts Attic. I designed the flower on the back side and added the leaves around it from the chart.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Contests at the Stitch Pink

There are two contests going at the Stitch Pink blog. Go and comment to win Breast Cancer wallet and necklace or a lovely Pin Pillow.

Monday, 6 October 2008

My Flock of Sheep

I wanted to show you my flock of sheep. I love sheep, ewes, lambs and rams. :) I have collected these over a few years. I would also love to have cross stitch charts that has sheep in but haven't found many yet. I like both realistic and also simple ones. And of course cute ones. :) I just got my first black sheep from my friends when I turned 30. I have told my husband that when we have our own house I want a couple of real ones too. ;)

Stitching Bloggers Links

I found this bloglist blog Stitching Bloggers Links and have found many great stitching blogs that I love to read. I hope I'll be listed soon too. :)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Giveaway prize sent and received

I had a giveaway here since I had 1000. visitor reading my blog. :) I sent the prize to Queen of the Click and she received it yesterday. So now I can post a picture of the surprise prize. I sent her Orange Chocolate buttons, heart shaped pendant (I put two amber coloured beads inside for autumn colours) with leather band, heart ornament which I didn't paint since I thought she can paint it with her favourite colours and I stitched her a little ornament pillow. The chart is an A Mon Amie Pierre freebie that I found from the Freebie Gallery, you can find it HERE. I made small changes to it and designed the other side based on the flowers on the chart. Fabric is linen, stitched 2 over 2 with DMC threads. After she received this she told me that she likes birds, what a coincident. :) I'm glad she liked the prize.

Friday, 3 October 2008

I WILL buy this yarn!

I took part in an attempt not to buy any knitting yarn during October, since I have lots... So I only plan what I want to buy. :) I saw absolutely beautiful shawl on the cover of Interweave Crochet Magazine's Fall Issue (I don't have the magazine since it's not sold in Finland so if anyone can sell and send me a copy please leave a comment). It's made of handspun and kettle dyed Manos del Uruguay silk blend yarn and I totally fell in love with the yarn and have to have some! Look at it! Isn't it just SO beautiful! I finally found a stockist in Finland, she'll have some new colours in November so I'll place my order then. I don't know if I will ever be able to knit/crochet a shawl from this yarn since I just want to touch and look at it... my precious... :D