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Sunday, 17 November 2013

At the Crafts fair in two citys

I have lost my crafting mojo almost completely. Well, I have knitted a couple of hats this Autumn but still I feel that I just won't get anything done. That is why I decided to go and see if I could find my mojo from the crafts fairs.

On 22nd of October I went to Oulu Crafts Fair. It was really close that I didn't... After work I jumped in to my car and started the journey. For the first time I had the feeling that the car might not take me there... and it didn't. I drove about an hour and the car started to make a weird noise. I took it to a garage in Iisalmi and they said that I should not drive it at all, water pump and some bits and pieces were broken. I had to leave the car there. :( So I sat in my car thinking what next. It was 6.00 pm on Friday and nothing could be done. So of course I called my mum to the rescue! :) She came to pick me up and I spent the night at her place. She lent me her car and early in the Saturday morning I was on the road again. I had the best time in Oulu. Saw my dear cousin and her family, spent time on the crafts fair and met my friends. 

On Sunday I took my mum's car back to her and then my friend came with her husband to pick me and my (Ford) Puma up. I left the car to my friend's husband to be repaired. After all that I was done with that piece of crap (pardon my French...). On 24th of October I picked up my brand new car, Seat Ibiza, and said goodbye to my Puma. My new car is great! I can go on a trip and not be nervous if I get to the destination. And I have driven a lot already. Early in November me and three of my friends jumped on the Ibiza and drove to Helsinki to see Five Finger Death Pucnh and Avenged Sevenfold. And yesterday I drove to Tampere with my new friend Eeva to the biggest crafts fair in Finland. It was a looong day. I takes four hours to drive there, then we spent six hours at the fair and drove back four hours. Totally worth it! :)

Here are pics of my loot from the fairs. :)

From Oulu:

I love that old wooden yarn winder (is that right word in English or what do you call them?).

From Tampere:

I am going to make my own advent calender. I am just wondering how I can surprise myself since I fill it myself. Maybe if others did it... a pile of 2€ coins would fit in nicely in the boxes. :D Well, maybe I will go and buy some really delicious candies. :)


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's a miracle!

A miracle has happened... I FINALLY(!) updated my freebie list blog! :D
Broken links are fixed, sites that have disappeared have been removed from the list and also some new sites have been added. Go and see if you'll find something nice to stitch. :)

Srinity's Freebie List

And as a little miracle on the side this blog also got a new post after hibernating for a looooong time. ;)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New things in my kitchen

Wow... it has been almost six months since I've last posted something here. I have done some small things every now and then but haven't felt like blogging about them. But here are some pics of what I've done.

I made these for my kitchen. I used pot stands from Ikea (Heat) and acrylic paints to paint them pale blue and red and made a stencil on my computer and used white paint for the pictures and texts. I wanted to make something a bit quirky and rough but stylish. :)

I also bought new spice jars and made new labels. Label base is from these free printables. I have quite a lot of spices... :)

And from the spice jars to next new thing... I have a new blog, a food blog. If you're interested go and see. :) The name is My Red Hot Kitchen. Don't mind the look of it yet, it's still in progress. :)