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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Here comes the HAED-madness

(posted on Neula ja lankaa 23 March 2008)

I registrated on Heaven and Earth Design's Bulletin Board to get some good advise before starting to stitch Heart of the World. I have never stitched a chart that big. I got a lot of tips about selecting the fabric and other vital things. As I read the BB I realized that there is a thing called HAED fever since no one can leave it to just on having one HAED chart. :D And as they had an Easter sale (-25% off) and the dollar is quite cheap for us euro users I got the infection. So I bought five absolutely beautiful charts and got them downloaded right away. Unfortunately there was an error with one download and I did't get the chart but I'm not worried. I sent them email and I bet it's going to go well after all.

Now I just need to order threads and fabric for the Heart of the World and also for the Storykeeper Storykeep so I can change between them if I feel like stitching something smaller for a while.

Click the pic to see it larger

Charts I bought(same order than in the picture):
Lily of the Valley (Rachel Anderson)
Rune Gypsy (Stephanie Roberts)
Storykeeper (Selina Fenech)
Catch The Stars (Lee Anne Seed)
Winter Song (Lee Anne Seed)

I almost forgot that I bought this Humphrey's Corner kit: Humphrey in Dads Shoes because it was on sale and I have been thinking about buying it earlier. It goes to wait it's turn and some day when I need a present for a little boy I stitch this.

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