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Sunday, 22 August 2010

A modified dress

Last spring I bought a demin dress that is quite short and I did intend to wear it this summer. Weather-wise it would have been ok since we had the hottest summer ever (over 30C for weeks) but as the time went by the dress seemed shorter and shorter. So as it was on it's way to becoming a no-use-item I decided I'll try to modify it to make it more decent. :)

The dress before. When I had it on and tried to put my shoes on everyone could see more of me than I would have liked... :D And the ruffle around the waist made it look like a tutu or a bit too much "little girlie"-like.

First I removed the ruffle from the waist. It immidiately looks a bit calmer and better. (See how I only have one leg! Luckily the other pics show that the left leg is still hanging in there :D).

Then I sewed the removed ruffle to the back of the dress and made the dress a bit longer.

For the final touch I added some studded ribbon to make the dress more "rock". :) the back got much longer eventhough I added just one strip of fabric.

Some might still consider this too short but this is what I'll wear next Saturday when I go out with my friends. :) I will just add a pair of tights and long boots to feel a bit less "naked" :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A birthday exchange for Kirsi and A Wonderful Summer for Leena

These have arrived at their destinations so here are some pics and stories. :)

First one I stitched for a "Wonderful Summer" exchange for Leena. The pattern is one of the two pattersn from "Floralie No1" from Taralala. I stitched it with Atalie threads, one over on on Floba. I really like this pattern and I think I'll stitch the other one for myself. :) I finished this as a pinkee. The fabric on the back is from Moda Fabrics, from a layer cake called "Blush".

Number two today is a birthday exchanged to Kirsi. I stitched her the "L'Heure du Thé - Tea Time" from Tralala and finished it also as a pinkeep. Also stitched on Floba with Atalie one over one. And the back is also from "Blush". I think it fitted this one perfectly.

And for once I rememberd to take a photo of the whole birthday package. :) I put in a Tralala pattern called "ABC poule" and Atalie threads for it and also a small cute purse (which is now used by Kirsi's daughter I heard :)).

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mailart to Aw

I took part in a "Stitching accessories" mailart exchange on a Yahoo group in the beginning of July. It took me a while before showing it here. I stitched mailart for Aw who lives in Malaysia. I used a new technic to finish the mailart. I used a ribbon that has glue on both sides and it stitcks to the fabric when ironed.I guess it worked since it was still intact when it arrived in Malaysia. :) Patterns are from a book "Cross stitch and embroidery on red, white and blue". Buttons are from my grandma's button jar. She used to weave carpets and she cut the weaves herself and put the buttons in a jar. I used to play with the buttons when I was little. :)

I like the lace pattern I used on the flap. I think it looks very delicate and pretty.


Later this week I will show you two other exchanges I've made. I have been a really bad exchange partner this summer since I have mailed almost all my exchanges late. I want to apologise that from my exchange partners. This summer has been really tough and the situation ended up in me and my husband separating a couple of week ago. So now I am learning to live alone again. I want to tell you that eventhough I feel sad I am also somewhat relieved. And that I am doing fine now.