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Friday, 12 November 2010

Some stitching and Crazy January Challenge 2011

I have stitched some. Not as much as I've hoped to but at least I have started again.

Ritva sent me a picture of the fridge magnet I stitched for her as I forgot to take a picture of it. It's a part of the chart Pumpkin keeper from The Drawn Thread.

I started to stitch this Halloween chart a while ago. It's called "Un tour dans mon Sac" from C Mon Monde. Although it s a Halloween chart I think it will look good all year round on my wall. :) It's not finished yet but here is wip pic. The fabric is really not that pink, it's more purple but the sun was going down and the camera didn't catch the real tones.

Minna is organizing a Crazy January Challenge 2011 on blog. I try to wake up my stitching mojo and take part to this crazy thing. :) I have chosen some charts I want to start in January. The trick is to start one chart on every day until 15th on January and then finish these during the year 2011. I chose smaller charts so I have a change to finish them. :) I have mostly chosen Lizzie Kate and Bent Creek charts, there's also one from Little House Needlework and The Trilogy.

I only have the Lizzie Kate FlipIt charts from January to April. I would love to have the rest of the months too so if you have any of them I am more than willing to buy them. Please send me email if you can help: srinity (at) wippies dot com

I almost brushed all the snow of from my patio yesterday but then thought that the snow looks so pretty that I will let it be. That was a goog thing since I would have not noticed these paw prints if I brushed the patio. :) I have seen a young rabbit many times on my yard. He likes to sit in my car's roofed place. I guess the wind doesn't blow on that spot and it's a bit warmer there. I haven't been able to take a photo of the little bunny yet but take my word: he is really cute. :)