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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas stitching

Eventhough I said days ago that I might not show anything I've stitched before Christmas here comes another pic. :) And there might be a couple more before Christmas.
I stitched a present for my friend Michiko and sent it to her to Japan. She has received it so I can show you the pictures. I found a pretty wooden box and I just knew I had to stitch something on the top of it and give it to Michiko. :) I found the charts from Rico Design and used Permin's 28ct Ruby Red linen (again) and stitched with DMC's white thread (again :D).

When the lid is opened there are these words that I wrote with soldering iron.

Inside the box I put two small Mauri Kunnas' Hiihtoretki (skiing trip) cups for glögi (a Finnish Christmas drink which is like German Glühwein or mulled wine in English), a small bag of glögi seasoning and Finnish blueberry chocolates.


Shelleen said...

what a beautiful job on the box.

stitchinfiend said...

Beautiful box and such lovely stitching.

Michiko said...

Thank you so much for these thoughtful presents for me.They are my treasures, and I will take good care of them.: )