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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Advent Calendar - Day 9

For the day 9 I chose this sampler since if you have all your Christmas stitching done you have time to stitch it all but if you only have time to do a small project you can pick one part and stitch that.
I'm not sure what it's called since it's from Coats Bulgaria and the whole site is written with Cyrillic letters but the picture is named Xmas1. Click the picture to go to the chart and there click it to see it bigger.I've had so many lovely comments about my Advent calendar. Thank you for all the comments :). I am happy that you like this. Some have been thinking that it's a pitty they don't have time to stitch the ones they like before Christmas. Maybe next year I should have a pre-advent calendar on November so there's more time to stitch before Christmas. :)


CindyMae said...

Just getting caught up and wanted to tell you that I love the Advent Calendar postings!!

Nita said...

Thank-you for the link - lots of neat little ornaments are dancing in my head now!