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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Writing from our messy home

I write this in the middle of chaos. Our living room and kitchen are full of stuff from the bedroom and the hall. There is hardly any room to move around. But hopefully this is not for long since the hall is almost done and then we can start putting the wallpapers to our bedroom walls. We also bought laminate for the floor since the bedroom has plastic carpet at the moment.

I have more pictures from our summer vacation trip. Very near where my brother lives, a housing cooperative has bought some sheep. They keep them for the summer and have a big party at the end of the summer and serve pit-roasted lamb for almost 150 people.

Here I am with my brother trying to get the sheep to come closer. I have the skirt on that I won from Lila Tueller's blog. I love that skirt! :)

In the end we had to go where the sheep were and here I am taking pics:

My brother's cat Viiru (Streak or Stripe in English) was with us. She is on leash even though you can't see it here. She likes to explore the world but she was a bit jumpy and she hated the sheep! :D

This is my brother's other cat, Hely (Trinket in English :)). She is afraid of the big outside world so we didn't take her out with us. She likes to sleep and all the photos I have of her are when she is lying down. :)

When in Hämeenlinna I always like to go to a little yarn shop called Villamokka. They dye small batches of yarn. This time I didn't buy that yarn, I found this beautiful Létt-Lopi yarn. It's from Iceland and it's 100% wool. I also bought a few small buttons on our way back from Tampere on Thursday.


Gaynor said...

Wow, it all looks so relaxing calm. I think I should go for a week hehe.
I love the colour of the yarn, very nice ;-)

Michelle said...

Just keep thinking about the end result and you won't mind the chaos
now. Love those buttons.

Cindy F. said...

More beautiful vacation pics!!
Love the yarn and buttons!! Can't wait to see what you make with those!

Oh...and I LOVE your skirt!! So pretty!

Margaret said...

Lovely yarn. Are you stocking up for winter projects? I can see why you love that skirt - its really pretty

Mystica said...

I'm from Sri Lanka and I never knew you could put a cat on a leash!


Elle said...

Everything looks so idyllic--so peaceful and calm. Sometimes I think we allow our lives to just get so cluttered up with STUFF---we're left without the time for the simple, important things. I'm in the process of de-cluttering, so I'm seeing a lot of that right now. Love your cats; tbey're lovely.