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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My first Round Robin

I took part in my very first Round Robin with other Finnish bloggers. We all stitch two small 20x20 stitches or similar size areas so I guess there's going to be some tiny and pretty pictures. :) My subject is birdhouses and here is my start for it.

The photo is not the best possible since I took it quite late last night. I didn't outline exact 20x20 areas, I just marked the places I want to have birdhouses with blue x's. They mark the center of every little stitching so others can stitch two small ones, one bigger one or maybe a tall and narrow birdhouse. The birdhouses and the banner I stitched are from Jeanette Crews Designs's "A Little Bit of Birdsong" and Jeremiah Junction's "I Love My Garden". I sent a leaflet with 46 or 48 birdhouses with the fabric for ideas.

By the way, the skirt I won at the Lila Tueller's blog arrived last week. It's gorgeous! :) I should take a photo.


Micki said...

You did a great job! It is lovely!

Carla said...

Great start on your rr, can't wait to see what they stitch on your piece :)

Cindy F. said...

Pretty start! RR's sound like so much fun!

Love your blog!! and all your stitchy goodness:)

connie said...

very pretty start.I love birdhouses.we are having a birdhouse mail art exchange in the spring so I have been hunting for patterns..This will be a cute rr..

Ronel said...

It is lovely and I really like birds and birdhouses. I am looking forward to see your progress. {{hugs}} Ronel

Anonymous said...

Onko kivaa kirjottaa englanniksi?