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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Reindeer and Christmas fair

I actually finished this on Friday but haven't had time to post about it. This beautiful reindeer design is from Daffycat. As soon as I saw this I just had to stitch him. I used DMC 904 for the green parts since I didn't have the 3051.

I went to a Christmas fair today with my friend and had fun. Didn't buy much though. Just two small Christmas presents and some fresh bread for my husband (I have a coeliac disease so I never find fresh bread for myself). After the fair we went shopping elsewhere and I found some supplies for finishing. I found these lovely pins so I guess there is no more excuses not to make a pinkeep. :) So maybe I'll try to make one soon. I also bought some Christmassy ribbons.

We also went to a great coffee house called Burts Cafee for a cuppa and bite to eat. The place is great since they have so many delicious gluten-free choices. I had a blin with cold smoked salmon filling and a piece of strawberry-chocolate cake ( I think there was some lingonberry in it too since it tasted so great, sweet but with a twist :)). Yummy!


Sharon said...

The little reindeer is so adorable!

Daffycat said...

***hugs*** It turned out adorable! I'm so glad you liked it.

Great stash! Those pins are beautiful. Your lunch looks divine!

Sandra :) said...

Your ornament is lovely!! I saw your post on Daffycat's site so I came to take a peek at your little guy - I made him too - he's irresistible!

Carla said...

Cute reindeer!!!