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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Christmas exchange and some threads

I haven't had time to blog about these earlier. Both came at the beginning of this week and now here is some pictures.

I took part in a Christmas exchange. The package I sent is still on it's way so no photos of it yet but I did receive one from Jaana. She sent me a beautiful little pillow with a christmas tree design. She told me this was the first time she made a pillow finishing and I think she is a natural talent since it's so beautiful! There was also some marmelades, an angel shaped cat's eye (not sure this is a right word...) with my name on it, some red fabric, sheep charts and kettle holders she had crocheted herself. Lovely things, thank you Jaana!

I ordered some threads via Floss Fairy (Amanda, thank you!). She sent them to me last week and they arrived in a record time! Don't they just look so yummy! :) I think I will start stitching the Healers Touch (see it here) as soon as I've finished presents for Christmas.


Shellie said...

Wow sari
What a lot of nice things the postman brought u this week lol
happy stitching

Ranae said...

sure is a nice Christmas exchange, the ornie is beautiful
Lookie at all that thread, Healers Youch is awesome

Julie said...

Lovely exchange, what a rainbow of threads that is.

Carla said...

Beautiful pillow!!! And all the xtra goodies look great too!

Sharon said...

Beautiful exchange!