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Friday, 26 December 2008

Gifts given and received

Now I can show couple of gifts I made for Christmas. These mittens I knitted for my mum from the Freedom Spirit yarn that I bought from the crafts fair. I like the colour. It was easy to knit these to my mum since we have same size hands. Gladly she liked these too. :)

I showed here earlier the Drawn Thread's Home for the Holidays that I stitched. I finished it to a cube and gave it to my friend. It's the first time I finished my stitching this way. Next time I'll be wiser and I won't round the corners of the cube. The fabric on the back is the same one that I used on the sides.

I must have been nice this year since I got many great gifts from Santa. :) I think he has stopped by the book store since I got two Ken Follet's books and these two books. I have many good new patterns for socks since I got this Interweave's book. I already found at least two patterns that I'll definitely knit.

I have many knitting patterns for girly stuff and now I can also knit something to my husband. He already found a pattern he likes, black hat and mittens with red skulls and other figures. As soon as we go back home I will look for some yarn from my stash and start knitting them to him.

I also got a pink iPod Nano! It's a very small and cute little thing. :)


Julie said...

Great knitted gifts, and i love the cube!

Cheryl said...

Ooh those mittens look lovely and warm. Your cube is great.
Sounds like you got some great Christmas pressies!

Shell said...

the gloves turned out great and love the cube.Enjoy your new books,looks like Santa has been so good to all of the crafters this year.