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Monday, 17 January 2011

Shopping some socks and a new start

For a long time I have wanted to have woolly socks knitted from the Novita 7 Veljestä Raita yarn. I just haven't had the time to knit so I asked Nöpöstiina if she could help me. I bought these beautiful socks from her and she made these after my wishes, just the right size and short cuff, the way I like them. Thank you Nöpöstiina! :) Go and see her beautiful hand crafts that she is selling here on Nöpöstiinan Lipasto blog. Beautiful socks and everything! I just wish I could make so many wonderful things.

You can also see my new start in the picture. Yarn is Marks&Kattens' Eco Baby Ull Color. Later (hopefully not too much later) I'll show you what that funny looking knitting is turning into.

In the picture: Socks knitted by Nöpöstiina

1 comment:

Timi said...

I love woolly socks, too, but I can't knit...Your socks look great :o)!