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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Crazy January Challenge, all the new wips

All the fifteen new wips are now started and it's time to move on. Before that a little report of my Crazy January Challenge 2011 projects.  I started to stitch four freebies, two Little House Needleworks charts, five Tralalas, two Christmas ornaments from the JCS Christmas Ornaments 2011 magazine, one Jardin Prive and one Lizzie Kate chart. Many different styles just for the change and because I like so many different styles. :) It's the same with music, almost everything goes except for most of the Finnish folk music, the heaviest heavy music and too confusing arrangements. I got two ready and one of those also finished. It may tell you something about my compulsive stashing that I only bought four Atalie threads and one DMC thread for my sheep charts. All the fabrics, charts and the rest of the threads are from my stash and there is still loads of stuff in that very same stash... :D

 1) Little House Needleworks "Pumpkins 4-Sale"
2) Mausimom's freebie "Japan Girl"
3) Pelin Tezer freebie "Zeugma - A Bookmark for Mom"
4) Brooke's Books freebie Stitchie Witchie
5) Victoria Sampler Designs "Christmas Robin" (Just Cross Stitch magazine, Christmas Ornaments)
6) Jardin Privé "Moment de Calme"
7) Lizzie Kate "Tea Crazy"
8) Little House Needleworks "Nature's Beauty"
9-12) Collection Tralala "Moutons de saisons: Automne, Hiver, Printemps & Été"
13) Cosmic Handmade freebie "SomeBunny"
14) La-D-Da " 'Tis Red" (Just Cross Stitch magazine, Christmas Ornaments)
15) Tralala Collection "Demoiselle d'Halloween"


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture!! I wish you a fabulous year filled with happy stitches!!!!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Look at all those pieces, great picture!!

Cole said...

Have fun with those WIPs, I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes!!

Ziggyeor said...

Great job on the WIP's! I missed out on this but I'm trying to collect my WIP's or things I intended to start and begin working on them.

Wendy said...

What a great start you've made. I love the little Japanese girl - I see you've cut her out, what have you made her into? I look forward to seeing your updates on all these projects!