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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Christmas presents to my dear family members :)

 I totally forgot to post about these Christmas presents that I made. My little brother and big sister are both Mercedes Benz fans so I made them scarfs from a black fleece and I painted the logo on the both ends with a silvery fabric paint. I guess they liked the presents. :) For my brother's fiancee I sewed a Weekender Travel tote that I found a free pattern for from the blog Sew Spoiled. Pattern here. Only thing that I didn't like while making it was that I used too thick interfacing fabric. It was a bit hard to sew because of that. Next time I will use that only for the bottom. But you can bet that this is a one sturdy bag now! :D


Anonymous said...

Cute projects! The fabric for the bag is very pretty.

Cole said...

Great job! The bag is beautiful!

Blu said...

Gorgeous! The bag is so colourful, and the scarf is such a clever idea.