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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Crazy January Challenge 12/15 "Moutons de saisons: Été"

Today I started the last one of the seasonal sheep patterns, the summer. I am quite pleased with how much I got done and I think I found my new favourite thread from Atalie. I liked the colour Rubis most before but the Lie de vin is now the one I love the best. The colours is soooo delicious. I also put some evidence that I did indeed start four charts and haven't just showed you the same bumpy edge for the past four days. ;)

Chart: Collection Tralala "Moutons de saisons: Été"
Fabric: 25ct Floba
Stitched with one thread over one


Anonymous said...

You've made a good start on your projects. Good luck with all 15! Sounds like you'll be a busy stitcher!

KimV said...

I just love those designs! They are going to be too cute!

Pointed Stitcher said...

These will be so nice once finished.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I guess we all knew what was coming today... I love seeing so many French designs in this Challenge. I may have to put in an order for some soon! Thank you for the inspiration!