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Thursday, 7 January 2010

One more Christmas present

I have one Christmas present that I made to show you. This box went to my friend and neighbour Päivi and it's stitched with the same patterns that I used for Michiko's box earlier. I used a sparkling aida, a red ribbon and red thread for this one.

The sparkle of the fabric can be seen better in this last picture. It looks like it's stitched on snow. :)

Please read my earlier post about the knitting magazine and if you can help me, please send me an email.


stitcheranon said...

What a lovely box. I am in the same boat as you re; magazines: sorry!
Good luck though ;-)

stitchinfiend said...

What a lovely box. Sorry I can't help with the mag as I'm in Aust.

dani263 said...

Beautiful box! How do you make that, it really looks stunning! Are there tutorials with photo's to be found on-line?

Shelleen said...

Love the box!

Mich said...

What a fantastic box this is, soooooo beautiful. I really didn't know that sparkling aida was existing, it's really beautiful and seems fun for winter projects.

Srinity said...

Danielle: I learnt to make these when I was spending a weekend with other stitchers last year. I don't know if there are tutorials online.
The technique that I use is similar to this that I used with two-sided Christmas ornament . I used hot glue to glue the stitching to a piece of cardboard (some padding between the stitching and cardboard) and then glued the cardboard to the top of the box. I also used hot glue to glue the ribbon around it.

dani263 said...

Thanks for explaining! I would like to try such things but I don't know how to go about with the hems.
I did get your mail too! I have to reply but I can't find the time at the mo. Really sorry for the delay! I'll get back to you soon!!!
Have a nice weekend and keep on making great stuff!

Carol R said...

Great box!