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Sunday, 31 January 2010

2010 Weekly SAL - 4th and 5th week

Last week I forgot to show you my SAL piece so this week I'll show you two wips so you'll see how this is progressing. I managed to get rid of the migraine with the massage so I have actually been able to stitch! :) But my SAL piece didn't get so much attention since two babies were born two weeks ago (a girl to my cousin and a boy to my friend) and I have been stitching and sewing baby gifts for them. I'll show picture when they have been received by the lovely babies. :)

My Wild Ones Alphabet looks a whole lot sunnier now that I have stitched the orange leaves on the left. They are still missing a couple of orange stitches and the backstitching and I will get on those right after I have posted this. You never know what fun things will appear on the fabric next week. :)

My SAL on 31st of January 2010:

And on 24th of January 2010:


Daffycat said...

Great progress, Sari! This is such a fun design!

Babs said...

It's a nice design, and good progress ;-)

Blu said...

Great progress! This piece is so vibrant and colourful!

stitchinfiend said...

I am enjoying watching this piece come to life. It looks like such a fun piece.

Shelleen said...

I love seeing your progress on this.