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Sunday, 17 January 2010

2010 Weekly SAL - 3rd week

This week I have tried to fight against migraines and lost the fight two times. My shoulder and neck muscles have gotten even worse so I booked myself a massage for tomorrow and I hope that will end these migraines. I only got a few stitches done to my SAL piece. I stitched some of the letter G block. I hope I will be able to stitch more next week.


Shelleen said...

I love watching you stitch on this piece. The weather changing is also causing my headaches again.

stitchinfiend said...

This piece is so pretty and the colours are so bright. Gentle hugs for your migraines and I hope they soon depart. I suffer with cluster migraines on a weekly basis so feel for what you are going through.

Amarins said...

What a beautiful colours. I like the design.

Micki said...

I agree that the colours that you used are just beautiful!

Lillie said...

Your SAL is progressing beautifully. I hope you are feeling well from the migraines. Take care !