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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Take a look at 2010 weekly SAL blog

First I'll tell you that the tea crisis is over. Thanks for everyone who offered their help (and support in these hard times... ;)). I got my Tea Fairy now and with her help I will never be without a decent cup of tea, or at least in the near future. Thank you Nadia. :)

And now to the business. :)
Gaynor has started a blog for 2010 Weekly Stitch along. I just saw it the other day and decided to join with "Wild Ones Alphabet" by DMC. The blog is here if you'd like to join or just see what we are going to stitch next year.

My piece for the SAL:
I will be stitching this for our first baby. We don't know yet when she/he will be arriving to this world since she/he is still just a thought in our heads but I want this to be ready before that day comes. :) Just in case there will be twins (that runs in a family...) I also have the "Counting with Wild Ones" chart. :D


Ginnie said...

I like the look of that Wild Ones alphabet. Nice to hear you are thinking about babies....!

stitcheranon said...

Wow..was not expecting such a nice free shout out.
I love that smapler..the more I look at it, the more I like it. If I was a baby I would love it too. So bright, so much detail, it would grow with the little one.
I am looking forward to stitching with you too!

Daffycat said...

Awesome that you will soon have your favorite tea!

I love the sampler you chose. It's so adorably CUTE!

Bev said...

love the sampler, and the 2009 blog was a godsend when i have to stitch Marilyn, onto 2010 now as my wedding sampler that i had commissoned is till in the cupboard some where and huuby sayi have to stitch is as he thinks i will be wanting a divorce lol

Always smiling said...

Hi Sari

I love your sampler for our 2010 sal, and hope to see it grow along side the rest of our pieces. I would never have finsihed my Cats if I hadn't joined.. see you there!!
Love all your work shown here on your blog, those little dolls are so cute and I loved the crochet pumpkins, what a great idea, clever you
Happy stitching and blessings
Chris x