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Saturday, 14 November 2009

My catch from the crafts fair in Tampere

The crafts fair is now over. I was there on Friday and the time just flew by. We didn't have enought time (since some older ladies wanted the bus to leave back home earlier) but we did get to do the most important thing: meeting friends. I met two of my dear stitching friends, Lennu and Ritva. I just love to spend time with them, they are (almost) as talkative as I am and we laugh and laugh all the time. :) I also met Heidi, we have been emailing and keeping in touch earlier but now we saw each other for the first time and hit it of instantly. We would have had so much more to talk about if we had more time.

But now to the items that emptied my purse. :D

From Violarium I bought many things. I blame Marja for buying the wooden pine tree frame since she showed that to me in crafts fair in Oulu. :) She had bought it before we had a tea break and I had already spent so much that I just couldn't get it then so I corrected that in Tampere. I also bought two Tralala's charts "Duo Noël" and "Kokeshis". I love Japanese Kokeshi dolls so I just had to get that as soon as I set my eyes on it. My dear friend Michiko sent me five Kokeshi dolls from Japan last year, you can see them here. I also bought some Atalie thread for the charts but for some reason they are not in the photos.

I think I complained a while ago that I needed 6mm knitting needles and I had all the needles between 3 and 10 but not number 6. Well that is now corrected too since there was a sale on Novita on knitting needles and I got the straight ones and circular ones.

In the center of the pic there are some fabrics for finishing. There are monsters and crazy cats fabrics from "Scrible Monsters" series by Leerè for Clothworks, cute girlie fabric "Heart to Heart" by Moda Fabrics, a set of three autumn themed fabrics and a Christmassy and a bear fabrics. There's also a Little Red Riding Hood ribbon that I just had to buy since early in the morning when we were waiting for our bus an older lady told me a poem about the Little Red Riding Hood (maybe because of my red hair, red coat and a red jumper :D)

Down in the middle are some dollhouse decorations that were really cheap. They are for the dollhouse I one day make, as soon as we have more room. :)

I saw the vendor that sells wooden jewelry in Oulu and bought some wooden hearts from him then. This time I bought two pins and some red wooden hearts. I have many ideas for the wooden hearts.

On the right in the center there are little pieces of felt that were left overs from the products one seller had made. They sold bags of the left overs with just one euro. There's also the only knitting yarns that I bought this time, some Panda bamboo&wool yarns. The red one is really a dark red, it looks like orange on the photo.

Down on the right are two funny elves made from conifer cones and a fridge magnet with a fun saying.
I bought a few other things too but they are for presents so they are not in the pic. So that's my catch from the fair, I spoiled myself with my last paycheck. Now I have plenty of materials until I get my a new job and can buy new ones again. :)

I showed you the Lima yarn on my last post. I took it with me for the bus ride and this is how it looks now. Not much done since we mainly chatted and slept in the bus. There is Honeycomb pattern in the middle but I won't tell you just yet what it will be. :)


Daffycat said...

Awesome stash, Sari! I'm so glad you had a good time!

Blu said...

What a great haul!
That "Kokeshis" chart is so cute!

stitchinfiend said...

Wow you did get a great haul. Well done on your spending.

CindyMae said...

What wonderful items you have purchased!! Love your crocheting!

Chiloe said...

I'd love to have a craft fair in my town !!! Lucky you ! Love the new stash !!!

tkdquintmom said...

Great stash...I'm curious to see what you are knitting..I wish I could knit! :)

Michelle said...

Wow, that is a lot of stash and a great way to spend your last paycheck!