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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Spooky things, fruits and birdhouses

I sent forward two Round Robins today. The first one has a Halloween theme and the second one is all about fruits. I was a bit late with these but I have caught up now. :) And I already have a third one under my needle.

For Minna I stitched a ghost casttle with bats and all, it's a part from The Cross Stitcher magazines chart "Ghouls only". I found the witches brew from's chart "Scary!". I changed the colour of the logs under the cauldron since the original light pink colour made them look like... hmmm... well something men really would not like to see burned. :D

For Tarja I stitched a pineapple and cherries. Chart for the pineapple is from an Italian booklet and cherries are from "Fruity lids" from cross-stitchers-club. I really like the pineapple and I think I'll stitch it again and finish it as something small.

My own RR fabric has been on the fast lane since it came back already! I just love all the pretty bird houses the girls have stitched for me! Thank you girls! Look, doesn't it look great? I wrote stitchers' names under the birdhouses to remember who stitched what. I will stitch the ground and also poles for the houses and maybe some pretty clouds on the sky. More pics when this is all finished.

Eventhough I don't go to work anymore I feel like I have less time than I had when I was working. Well, all the weekends have been booked. Last weekend I was on a cruise to Tallinna, Estonia. The company I used to work for had the Christmas party there and I loved seeing my ex-co-workers, some of them maybe last time. There was a cover band on board and I sang along so loud that I almost lost my voice completely. :D It still is a bit lower that my usual voice...
A week before that my sister had her house warming party and a week or two before that I was on crafts fair in Oulu. This Friday I will hop on a buss early early in the morning and head to another crafts fair to Tampere. I will be back on the same day late late in the night so maybe I'll get some more stitching done on this weekend. :)
As a balance for all the fun I attend my business course two nights a week and do my homework for it about two days a week. :)

Oh I almost forgot that I have also done some crocheting. I did a two nights panic version of a shawl that has two short sleeves since I needed one to go with my Christmas party dress. I'll post pics when I look good enough to take some photos with it. Now it's late at night and my look doesn't go with a party dress and a shawl. :D

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Gaynor said...

Sounds like you are really busy. Men may not like to see them burning but I know quite a few women who would like to see that hehe.
Lovely stitching and glad you had a lovely time at the party!