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Thursday, 12 November 2009

A small stitching finish

Tomorrow I will be at the crafts fair in Tampere. We leave early in the morning and come back late at night. Before I start packing my snacks for the bus ride I'll show you one thing I just finished. Or actually it has been almost ready for ages, I just wasn't very happy how it turned out. I wasn't able to make the edge nice enough and as it's a present I didn't want it to look horrible. I tryed again today and I think it's quite ok now. Well time to tell what this rant is all about. :) I stitched one matryoshka doll from Tralala's chart "Poupées Russes". It looks like I attached a ribbon to it but...

... there is actually another smaller matryoshka inside. I modified one of the dolls from "Poupées Russes" and made a mini version of it.

I also had to make up the backsides myself since the chart only has the fronts. :)

I have been knitting while watching TV from our bed (not enough light to cross stitch). This is a part of a tunic. The yarn is a Finnish yarn called Puro (creek in English), colour is Kanervikko ("heather field"). Still quite a lot to do but I wanted to show how lovely the yarn is. Oh, who put that Mozartkugeln there? I never eat chocolate while knitting... lol!

This yarn is coming with me for the bus ride to the crafts fair. It takes about four hours to get there and the same coming back so I have plenty of time to knit. I let you know later what this and it's five friends will turn in to. :)

This is how it looks at our backyard at the moment. It's the first snow that have stayed and I hope it stays permanently now. I took these when the sun was going down already so they have that nightfall blue ambience.


Carla said...

Love loooove your Matrioska! I think you did an awesome job with her!!

Daffycat said...

OMG! I love the little dolls! How clever of you to create the tiny one plus do a back side as well. They are DARLING!

Have fun at the crafts fair, Sari!

Erynne said...

Your matryoshka doll is absolutely adorable, Sari!!!