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Monday, 18 August 2008

New charts...again! :D

I tried to resist the sale on Heaven and Earth Designs but gave up on the last day of the sale. :) It ends today so hurry up! I bought these two charts (pictures are links to the HAED sites):

Fairy Tea Party by Nancy Faulkner
Those two little faeries having tea is just the cutest picture! It brings back memories of the tea parties we had as a child. Can you remember the little cups and teapots?

Snow and Feathers by Amanda Robbins

The Snow and Feathers is stunning and strong. I was afraid there would be a lot of sparkly bit in this one but there is actually none. It's going to look great.


Ginnie said...

Those both look lovely designs. Sales are so hard to resist!

Paula said...

OOOH I love the little Fairy tea party chart it's gorgeous, so cute.

I am not looking at the HAED sale, I have way way too much stash. I should make myself not buy any stash until 2009..not that not buying stash for the next 4 months of 2008 will make me stitch through all the stash I have any

I see you got your Cross stitch and needlework mag, I got mine yesterday with some Enchanted Fabrics, "Witches Brew". I'll start it

Happy stitching....

Julie said...

LOL i try hard to resist a sale. Fairy tea party is a stunner!

Michiko said...

Wow!! Fairy tea party is one of my favorites!! That's so cute!!
I also couldn't resist..LOL!
I bought Wall's Call Of The Sea.:)