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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Came with the post

I have received some very nice post this week. Yesterday I received the Stitchopoly game. It is just what I expected! But two of the tokens are broken so I had to contact the seller. I hope I get new ones to replace them. Tokens are fun: a bobbin with thread, skein of thread, fabric in hoop, scissors, ball of yarn and a thread cutter. My husband is a sweetheart since he promised to play with me. :)

Today I finally received the Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine that has this Nora Corbett's design Halloween Fairy in it. I am planning on ordering some nice fabric and the threads it for asap.

Ihana magazine came also today. It's a lovely (the name Ihana means lovely :)) Finnish magazine about crafting, scrabbooking, felting and so on.

And when to top of all those I got the Ikea gatalogue today I have loads to read and plan and dream about. I just went through them quickly since I haven't had a lot of time today. We went to eat out and see the new Batman movie. It was good but looooong. If your going to see it prepare to your bum falling asleep about half way through... :D


Julie said...

It's always nice to receive good mail!

sari.i. said...

Toi Nora Corbettin malli on aivan uskomattoman upea!

Chiloe said...

Questions ahead: which fabrics are you going to order? hand dye? Any idea of the color?

You are soooooooo lucky to have an Ikea near you !!! Here our IKEA shoud be opened by 2010 (I hop for 2009 !!! ) I love their cheap stuffs !!!

Have fun with your your new board game !!!