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Friday, 15 August 2008

Lovely knitting yarns!

I was in town with my friend today and since we both love to knit (and yarns) we went to yarn stores... of course. They had some yarns on sale so we both went ahead and bought a lot. :) It was so nice to be there with another yarn crazy. :D Here are what I bought:

Yarn: Soon (I think these are by Grønhøj Garn, there is no manufacturers name on the band)
55% cotton, 45% acrylic
and Cotton Sport by Idena, 65% cotton, 35% acrylic
These will possibly be used for multicoloured, crocheted bags. Lovely colours don't you think. :)

Yarn: Bamboo by Katia
60% bamboo, 40% cotton
These are so soft and the colours might tell you that these are for baby stuff. Maybe for a blanket.

If I could just find some time to knit... :)

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