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Monday, 2 February 2015

A gardigan for my niece

I was shopping with my friend and saw this beautiful pink yarn on sale. Eventhough my goal is to reduce the amount of yarn I have I still bought four skeins (200g). I justified it with a promise to knit them right away. :)

For a while I have been meaning to knit a gardigan for my dear niece. So I already knew in the store that the yarn is going to be a pretty little sweater for her. The yarn is perfect in weight, colour and it is also machine washable.

It took me a few hours rummaging through the internet before I found the perfect pattern, Sunnyside. I knit the "girlie" version of it with the picot edge.

Yarn: Novita Wool, colour 534, took about 110g of yarn.
Needles: 3,5mm

Still some of that yarn left so I'll be knitting her some socks. :) And maybe a hat too.

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ricketyjo said...

That is so lovely and she looks like a total cutie!