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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The clock is ticking and skull from my head

I have been cross stitching but most of them have been secret projects so no pics earlier.

I took part in a Birthday exchange last year. Due to my new work and 500km move to a new city I did not have the time or the energy to fulfill my commitments. :( So, I have been making amends this year. First one I made is a birthday present to Mia. I saw this clock design in the newest Cross Stitcher (issue 289) and was so motivated that I stitched and finished it in two days. I finished this on 8th of February. I changed the colour from blue to red and used an old clock mechanism. I just cut the hands to a right lenght.

"Mia´s teatime"

I also made one small side project to cheer my friend up. I made her a keyring. The skull is from my head (pun intended ;)) and the blackwork pattern is from an old freebie print I have.

"Skull from my own head"

Today I finished a "travel project" I've had for years. Lizzie Kate´s "Christmas is forever" almost got finished during the Christmas time but the light blue thread ran out. I have a light blue thread for a secret project and I thought maybe it will be ok. It was exactly the right yarn so off I went and finished! I haven't decided what this will be.

Sunny early spring days to all!


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Kate said...

Beautiful gifts! Love the clock. :)