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Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Kai-Meis

There is a challenge in a Finnish blog Sukkasato (sock harvest). People who take part in it are in three sub blogs and knit all the things you use in your feet; socks, leg warmers, slippers etc. and post pictures. I am in the sub blog Heinälato (Hay barn). After one week all the partisipants had knitted 116 pairs. I only got something ready on this second week since I've been knitting for the wrong end of the body (all those hats you've seen :)). The harvest runs through September and October so I hope I get more done before the end.

I knitted these socks from Sock Innovation book, written by Cookie A. The pattern is called Kai-Mei. The yarn Mokkasukka is hand dyed in the shop called Villamokka, sadly it's closed. Colour of the yarn is called Trabant. I think I used about 50g from the 100g skein. I knitted the cuff about a half shorter than in the pattern since I like shorter cuff.

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