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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Honeycomb Hood finally finished!

A project that has been marinated for a few years (started on November 2009) is finally finished! Yay! I am a speedy knitter, right? ;)

Pattern: Honeycomb Hood (from Patternfish)
Yarn: Hjertegarn Lima, colour 710
Took 230g of yarn

I made the front edging my way. I wanted a bigger hood part and nicer edge so I picked 40 stitches from the center (1st every other row), knit one row (right side), purl the second. On the first purl round and every row after it I picked one stitch from the side of the scarf and knit/purled it and then turned and continued. I did 14 rounds of plain stitch and 5 rounds of garter stitch to prevent the edge from rolling. Then I bind the stitches off very loosely.


1 comment:

Kate said...

Your hood is very pretty!